Streaming World Premiere of LTD’s New Movie “7 Tales for a Stormy Night”

Due to the Corona Virus, LTD has decided to release their new motion picture “7 Tales for a Stormy Night” via online streaming.  The movie will be available to view beginning Friday, October 23, 2020 until November 15, 2020.  Price to view the stream is only $8 and includes all ticket and streaming fees.

The movie features John Payton (Orcus in “The Elpis Orb” ) as the Story Teller and includes a large cast of actors who bring the stories to life including:

Richard Boyd, Colin Boynton, Alex Geisler, Giles Allan, Connie Allan, Phyliss Bruce, Debra Hines, Steven Wall, Kate Smithers, Jabe Rounds, Craig McIntosh, Christian Jenson, Quinten Gregg, Kaitlyn Geeser, Ron Hines, Alexander Neff, Katherine Geeser, Kristen Nakamoto, Ashley Gruel, Charlie Allan, Bill Allan, Christine Clayton, Chris Clayton, Sarah Clayton, Janet Thompson, Laura Lambert, Vince Salerno Jr., Gabe Barney and Jill McAleer.

This is a great movie for the entire family to enjoy for Halloween while supporting LTD programs and scholarships.  Parental guidance is suggested, due to the content, for young children who might frighten easy.

Included in the program are two bonus features:

The Grand Escape and the Bloopers from 7 Tales for a Stormy Night.

The show runs 1  hour and 8 minutes.